• ¿Do you have an idea or entrepreneurship project related to sports?
  • ¿Do you want to discover what opportunities technology offers to the sports industry?
  • ¿Do you think technology could help your project?
  • ¿Do you want to receive professional support to boost your project?
  • ¿Would you like to compare your project with sports companies?

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Registrations until July 19. Program from July to December.

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A program of:

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With the help of

  • Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Unió Europea

What do we offer you

  • Training

    A 100-hour training program specifically designed for innovative sports business projects.

  • Mentoring

    A mentoring service projects with the greatest potential to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • Networking

    Exclusive access to companies in the sports sector to contrast your project.

  • The support you will have

    The support from these Specialized Entities will focus on validating the market for your project, providing insights into the opportunities that technologies offer in the sports sector, piloting minimum viable products, etc.


  • Sports Industry

    Barcelona Sports Hub and INDESCAT It will introduce you to the sports industry. You will learn about the different value chains, the industry players, future trends, the market, and everything that distinguishes the sports sector from others, besides connecting you with the sports industry.


    EURECAT It will show you the scope of possibilities that technologies offer to startups: technologies for gathering information (Internet of Things, Wearables, Biomechanics, etc.) and for visualizing and analyzing it (Apps, Big Data, Analysis of sports social networks, etc.)

What do we expect from your project

That it responds to some of these challenges

  • Increasing sports consumption
    • ¿How can we retain customers approaching them with new experiences and data through new technologies?
    • ¿How can we better understand the needs of sports practitioners?
    • ¿What opportunities do new fields such as sports offer and how can we attain them?
    • ¿How can we increase the number of physical activity practitioners, facilitating social interaction through new technologies?
  • Improving the experience
    • ¿How can we ensure that the sports venue or facility where the event is being enjoyed has access to all the data and amenities that the spectacle offers from home?
    • ¿How can we turn passive spectators of a sports event into active ones?
    • ¿How can we bridge the gap between spectators and their sports idols?
    • ¿How can gamification help drive new challenges and motivations?
  • Improving performance and competitiveness
  • Achieving a safer, healthier, and more sustainable sport
    • ¿How can we facilitate sports practice in a healthy way? Paths of active control, reactive control, etc.
    • ¿How can we ensure the sustainability of public spaces for sports practice?
    • ¿How can technologies reinforce trends of healthy eating?
    • ¿How can we assist in the management of non-professional clubs and facilities?

What will you receive?

Each of the entrepreneurs will receive

  • Perceive

    An intensive pre-acceleration program.

  • And also
    • A complete training on the operation and application of new technologies in the sector.
    • A global view of the sports sector: events, facilities, products, services, etc.
    • Mentoring from entrepreneurs and advisors to projects with the most potential.
    • Practical organization and management issues when creating a start-up.
    • Market feedback on the project's chances of success.
  • Commitment

    What do you commit to?

  • On my part
    • I commit to attending at least 80% of the entire training and mentoring program in person.
    • To follow the training program, both in person and online, designed by the organizing entities.
    • To actively participate in the in-person sessions.
    • To respect the confidentiality of the other participating projects.
  • 12 Experts

    Specialists at your service

  • 100 Hours

    Hours of specialized training

  • 60 Meeting hours

    Tutoring and support


The program in detail

The sports sector: market, opportunities, and needs.
Technologies for obtaining, visualizing, and analyzing sports information.
Business management and entrepreneurship.

Download here the program and the training calendar