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Sports innovation
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Field labs
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New Sport Tech

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Best benefits
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Helping startups
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  • 66,4 %

    Population that practices sport

  • 36793

    companies dedicated to sport

  • 220000

    People employed in the sport sector

  • 19

    $M invested (2015-2020) in Sport Tech

What is it

Barcelona Sports Hub

The Barcelona Sports Hub is a place for building ties between organisations, investors, companies and entrepreneurs to get things moving, and to and speed up the sport tech ecosystem. We want to improve the competitiveness of hub members, make Barcelona an international leader in sport tech innovation, with the aim of encouraging more local residents to play sport, in line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Why form part of the Hub?

To receive support for economic activity, technology and innovation in sport tech in the specific areas that benefit our members.

To benefit from promotion, international positioning and subsidies with a view to achieving digital transformation.

To access solutions designed specifically to address the individual needs of entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and companies, as well as clubs, organisations, federations and associations, and sports facility managers.

When fully operative, the Barcelona Sports Hub will boost:

  • Networking/Knowledge



    • Events, mentoring and knowledge exchange
    • Generate a network of relationships and business opportunities in sport tech
    • Participation in national and international congresses
    • Access to facts and figures in the world of sport
  • Barcelona City Sports Lab/Innovation



    • Network of facilities, sports clubs and outdoor municipal facilities available for new initiatives
    • Facilitate access for companies and start-ups to the sports system, to test new products and innovative tech solutions
  • Talent/Funding



    • Attract and retain STEM talent to enrich the world of sport
    • Generate synergies between new professionals and the business world
    • Facilitate deal flow and channel sources of support investment for start-ups
    • Tools to support incubation and acceleration projects for sport tech innovator
  • Competitiveness/Visibility



    • Form part of a hub made up of leading international members
    • Communication strategies to boost the visibility of all members
    • Improve competitiveness through advice, mentoring, specific subsidies and digital transformation

Why Barcelona

Barcelona has the key characteristics needed to be an international leader in innovation Sport Tech

  • Mediterranean city

    Barcelona as a lifestyle, a model and a way of being; a city that’s open, innovative, entrepreneurial, and an international benchmark.

  • Creative capacity

    Competitiveness and new entrepreneurial initiatives in the world of technology, innovation and sport.

  • A one-off project

    Based on promoting the city’s sporting infrastructure, facilities and clubs; the sea and the mountains are great settings for local people to practice sport.

  • International role-model

    Thanks to the sports business sector, and the city’s internationally renowned sportspeople and clubs.

Tech Talks

Tech Talks

An innovative vision of technology applied to the world of sport where entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector share their experiences, knowledge and initiatives with us.

  • Mariël Koerhuis, general director of the Johan Cruyff Institute, reflects on the role of education in the world of sport.

  • Lucas Leal, CEO of Slowfit, talks to us about incentives in sport.

  • Xavier Esgleas, CEO of Before Experience and Off Trail, analyzes the role of technology in changing habits when doing outdoor sports.

Project driven by

  • Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • BCN Sports
  • BCN Activa
  • B:SM